“MMM is not a bank, has no central account, does not collect your MONEY; MMM is not an online business, an investment or a sales program. It is neither a company, nor an enterprise. There is no boss, no owner, no office space, no formal organization, no legal entity, no business, no investment or no other activities of any form. MMM is a community where people help each other. Here, people provide help free of charge, and are absolutely conscious to remit to each other directly, from one account to another, for direct currency exchange; all funds are circulated among participants; no intermediary or intermediate link can touch the money. Only millions of common participants remit for providing help through personal account. Only with good will, one person provides help to another person in need of help, absolute free of charge. Today you help others, and tomorrow others will help you. Just no more!”


MMM GLOBAL is the world's largest community of mutual aid and donation exchange. MMM GLOBAL is with intention to unites millions of people from Europe, Asia, Africa and America as all continents of the world. In order to reach the current level and achieve this goal, the Community had to travel a long way of development and improvement, associated with difficulties based on the experience we had in the past and templates inherited from Sergey Mavrodi.

MMM GLOBAL is an evolving living organism. The past experience is analysed and conclusions are made on its base - because of this the mechanism of the Community is constantly improving and becoming more sophisticated. And now we would like to introduce you the history of the evolution of


MMM is a community where common people help each other. It is a global mutual aid fund. Participants provide financial assistant to each other on the principle of free charge, selflessness, mutual benefit and mercy. In MMM system, you do not need to sign a contract or mortgage properties and there is no creditor or obligor, everything is simple: One participant asks for help, while another one capable provides help. The only requirement of MMM for participants is honest and kind to each other. When you need financial assistance, you applies for help; when you are able to provide help, you do. In transactions, participants use dollar-anchored cryptocurrency known as BITCOIN and the internal currency which is the new innovation known as DIGITAL MAVRO for transfer. This is the best method for participants of different countries to make smooth remittance.




Now, let’s see an example. If you want to provide the help of $ 100 to another community member in need, there are two big buttons on the home page: “Provide help” and “Get help”, and please click “Provide help” to input the help amount to generate an order. MMM system would match a community participant in need of help; you transfer to the participant by paying the help amount. Just in this way, you can finish the whole process of providing help. In your “User Center”, you will get the reward of 100 Mavro and the reward would grow immediately! Your Mavro will grow at 1% per day, up to 30% monthly; just in a month, the initial 100 Mavro will grow into 130 Mavro. However, this does not need to wait a month; by the 15th day, you may apply for getting help from others; just by clicking “Get help” on the home page of MMM system, you would get financial assistance from other participants in the world. Just like you did, they transfer the money to you; just in this way, you turn your Mavro of MMM system into the fund needed for your daily life. The operation is simple and you will be clear just after one use. This model allows each participant to cast off the slaved money-making life!





Digital Mavro Innovation is the Digital Internal Currency of MMM GLOBAL Community. It is comparable to the Train ticket, the telecommunication mobile recharge pin , all with intention to recharge your mobile phone. But in that of MMM- Mavro, it is with intention to pay your PH and also could be used to received a GH. This innovation was started by Lt. Sergey Mavrodi with physical currency in 1992. After all, he thought that the way we accept the currency of any country, it is all dependent on us, that is why Lt. Sergey Mavrodi built his physical Mavro and was accepted by the people due to which an economic revolution took place all over Russia. But now, the world has been digitalised and with this, in 2015 Sergey Mavrodi started the work to make this Digital Internal Currency worked, unfortunately he could not implement it before his death. With this, we have seen solution to stopping restart, fake proof of payment, fast confirmation and effective running of the system in a long run.


At the request of Mavro, all need to being done is to click on “ Buy and Sell” icon on the dashboard and request the purchase of certain amount of Mavro while you buy with bitcoin and the mavro gets credited into your Mavro Wallet. Note the following rules on buying and selling of Mavro:

- 2% transaction fee is to be charged by the buyer when participant wants to sell Mavro.

- With Mavro, you experience automatic confirmation.

-No fake POP as the payment of the Mavro is automatically done by the system

- Mavro could be sell to any participant by other participant or by guiders.

- Sustainability is achievable and certain with the use of Mavro as the system controls the demand and supply.

- Mavro can easily be converted to BTC.

- 1 Mavro is equivalent to 1BTC


>PH : The minimum amount PH is 0.005 BTC/Mavro while maximum amount to be PH is 1BTC or in Mavro equivalent. It will be in multiples of 0.001

>GH: This is same with PH rules.


40% order will come within 24 hours while the remaining 60% orders can come within 5 to 10days or anytime based on system demand.


To Get Help(GH), you are required to RECOMMIT an amount equivalent or above the previous amount PH and fulfill 40% order of of the recommittment , after which GH could be done easily .

> 1% Mavro growth every day, which will gives 30% in 30 days.

>There is 14days of released date for Mavro reward and Capital which could be GH based on interest of the participnat


Whenever you refer to a participant, you will get a 5% referral bonus on the PH amount.


Guider Bonus is on these percentage from 1st Generation to infinity5%, 3%, 1%, 0.5%, 0.25%, 0.12% . And to be qualified as a guider, you have to referral atleast 20 direct downlines with 20active PH.While we introduced the starts of MMM GLOBAL GUIDERS SCHOOL in the future as system develops.

> DIRECT REFERRAL GUIDER BONUS(50%): Guider is to receive 50% bonus when you have guider as a direct referral, you will also get an additional 50% of their Guider Bonus.

> TASK BONUS: Task Bonus has been an innovation that is also known as MMM-EXTRA. This gives you extra 10% reward with the normal 30% of your PH at the rate of 0.33% per day with growth. We are starting promotional daily task for all members as this task would be simple ones that will only task few minutes of to be accomplished on social media and other means. Note that at the end of doing the daily task, each participant is entitled to 0.33% daily and that gives you 10% in 30days with growth, while adding that to the 30% reward on PH, you get 40% monthly. Note that the Task doesn’t affect the normal 30% reward on every PH and the extra 10% is for every member that do promotional task everyday for the growth of their structure and the community at large.

> FASTER BONUS: The faster Bonus concept was born out of the necessity to encourage members on means to develop their structure, so we all could experience the positive impact in life through the scheme mmmglobal-mavro.com. HOW IT WORKS>>When a participant refers 2 new members after he has paid 40% of his PH, and the two referrals also PH and paid 40% of their PH, the member who referred the two new members is entitled to extra 10% of the new participants PH. Note that the two new members referred must PH exact the same amount PH by the upline or above the amount PH by their upline.


> No restart, as system would always control demand and supply of PH and GH

> No rejection of order

> No Fake Pop

> Assurance of always receiving money by selling Mavro to the system or Guider or Participant.

> Automatic Confirmation

> Mavro can Transfer Mavro for anyone

> Anybody, be it guider or participant can Buy and Sell Mavro

> System will run Long life because this is based on demand and supply



Welcome to join MMM's great ideological emancipation movement and financial revolution!

Let's hand in hand to change the world! Destroy the world's unequal financial order, break the old world and build a new world!